solitary sailor rows to his sailboat in the early morning

About Steve

I stumbled across Bayside in 1982 on a field trip during a workshop at what was then the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Maine. I brought my wife and infant daughter the following summer. The Nelsons, now consisting of three daughters, their husbands, and a smattering of grandchildren, have been regular visitors nearly every August since.

portrait of photographer Steve Nelson

I am a co-owner of FayFoto Boston, a business-to-business photography studio in Boston, MA. I spend my week days producing business portraits, product still-life photos, and industrial and architectural images for corporate and marketing clients.

But… landscapes and photos of the natural world have always helped me reconnect with the pleasure and passion that initially got me hooked on photography as an expressive medium.

I have come to realize that I need some time to warm up to a place. Bayside provides me with both exquisite scenes and a comfortable familiarity which allows me to see a little bit beyond the surface, to touch the underlying sense of place.

When not taking pictures for work, for fun, and for numerous non-profit organizations in my local community, I enjoy developing websites for some of those same small businesses and non-profit organizations.

It’s all too easy for me to get absorbed, sometimes overwhelmed, by my to-do lists. Being out in the natural world with a camera, intentionally working at being present and attentive to mystery, sniffing for the thin places, restores my spirit.

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