Bayside dock with colorful sunrise clouds


I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to share my photos with you.

This website exists to enable friends and fans of Bayside, Maine (and of mid-coast Maine in general) to view and to purchase art prints of some of my favorite images from many summer vacations spent in this lovely spot.

Work in progress

I try to identify images which contain echoes, reflections, and reminders of Bayside specifically but which at the same time express some broader, more universal message. I have learned (usually to my regret) that many of my images look better on screen than on paper. I don’t offer to sell a photograph until I have first printed it to my own satisfaction.

This collection will expand over time, though slowly because I won’t post an image until I’m confident I can print it. I hope you will revisit this site periodically to see what I have added or, even better, subscribe to my email list to receive occasional updates when new images or other products are added.

Thank you for visiting and for spending some time with my interpretation of Bayside, Maine. I hope you’ll find a photograph that resonates with your own experience of coastal Maine while simultaneously complementing the decor of your home or cottage. I would be flattered if a photograph of mine takes up residence in your home and your heart.

Steve Nelson

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